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To avoid confusion…

We’ve once again changed our theme.

We hope you’re McLovin it.


The REAL Auditorz of Amazon


Our New Look (it was ours first)

We hope you like our new look – it matches our new attitude.

You see, when Amazon started getting judges like Ivan Reitman and Shane Black to show up, it was hard for us to keep ranting about how Amazon was going to fold any day. When they doubled the monthly prize money – uh, well, shit… that was a blow too.

Now Amazon is becoming a real production company, staffing up and developing projects, we just have one thing to say…


That’s right. Fuck you assholes. Thanks to you shit heads, and your ever improving contest, nobody is reading our blog anymore. Traffic is down and the ads are gone. We needed that money! Walmart has cut back on our hours and our Mom started hiding her pocketbook.

Worse, the sophisticated and thoughtful debate in our forums is now basically the same 6 guys, saying the same 6 things… in every article… over…. and over… and over… again.

So we need to change things up. We’ve decided to become more accessible. We’ll bring you light chat, human interest stories and a new positive outlook. If that doesn’t work… gulp… we may have to take more drastic measures.