About The REAL Auditorz of Amazon

It has come to our attention that some other site calling themselves THE AUDITORZ OF AMAZON has been trying to steal our mojo. Let me be clear – they are assholes. They beat up old people, molest dead mules, and sometimes beat up old people for their pension checks.

We, on the other hand, are a bunch of unemployed male nurses that were happy that Amazon.com was launching its own online massage school.

That elation was soon dashed on the rocks after we realized it was a film studio, not a massage school, and we could not touch anyone – legally, anyway.

We made one movie in college because we needed the money and enjoyed the thrill of experimenting. So, we decided to review the project and start kneecapping everyone who participated right out of the starting gate – so we could massage them later.

We are not affiliated, or associated with Amazon.com, Amazon Studios, any of Amazon.com subsidiaries, Amazon School of Male Nursing, Amazon Massage School, LLC, The Jeff Bezos School of Modern Dance, 5th Avenue YMCA, Taco Express in Austin or Larry’s Discount Lumber Yard.

Take everything on this site as 100% correctly incorrect. Or, if you’re a student of the new math, 50% correct with a 50% margin of error.  There are many, many UNANSWERED variables involved in the Amazon Studios contest. The equations and variables involved in using Amazon Studios are hard and involve math, which we failed twice.

We will be updating the site as the contest progresses, but mostly just to rag on people.

  1. Amazon massage school… LMFAO

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