We’ve Been Deep Throated!


We always thought it was weird that the other auditorz have singled out Richard Stern and Rob Ross (aka Mezzy) as the boogeymen of Amazon.

Yes, they’re hacks – but so are we.

Then this morning we received a comment that had some juicy revelations about the other auditorz and the REAL reason they hate Richard Stern and Rob Ross (aka Mezzy) so much. We haven’t published the comment yet because we want to see if what this person says is true. If it is, well, it doesn’t look good.

We started this site as a joke. We have no aspirations to be taken seriously. We’re not Mezzy or Stern, but it seems we’re being roped into this fight. So we’re going to put it to our readers…

Do you want to know the truth?


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  1. I’m intrigued… do tell!

  2. I called them out for fake commenting on their own site [by Jeff and Creepy Too], then found out who one of them was and they actually admitted to be shitty writers when I demanded they send me a script…that’s why the other site hates me.

    If you heard another reason, lay it on me.

    Or maybe you were just literally deep-throated and wanted to tell the world.

    Plus, could Theo copy and paste how I “attacked him” while we’re at it. I’m not seeing it.

    And FYI…Stern’s a hack, but easy on moi mon ami.

  3. We’ve been led to believe you were right and that Jeff Nelson is the guy behind the Auditorz. Obviously, we want to be fair to everyone involved. We really don’t want to drag anyone’s name through the mud without proof. It would be great if you could share any evidence you have.

  4. Triggershite

    I think the auditorz are bought and paid for by TriggerStreet. I don’t know who Jeff Nelson is, but I know Dana. Dana is a good person, but felt very threatened by Amazon. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he’s involved.

    • Gary Dragan Milin

      I don’t think Dana feels threatened by Amazon at all.

      Amazon Studios and TriggerStreet are like apples and oranges.

      Dana actually surprised me by posting about my Amazon win on TriggerStreet and showing his support. Although he does have reservations and concerns about various aspects of how Amazon Studios operates, I really don’t think he feels threatened by them at all.

      And come on Real Auditorz, SPILL IT!!!

      • Today. Mom has us fixing the transmission on her Taurus, so we’ve been busy. We’ll be heading down to the basement soon.

        By the by, congrats, Gary. Liked your film a lot!

  5. Post the deep throat message you received.

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